Friday, March 28, 2008

Kuranda Scenic Train Ride

Up in the Kuranda town, there was really nothing much for us to do except do the few walking treks until it was 2pm for the train ride. So we had about 3 hours to kill basically.

The town isnt very big and littered with restaurants and few souvenirs shops. The people here basically survive on the daily steady stream of tourists that is here for the cable and train ride.

We stumbled across a photo gallery of the deceased photographer Peter Jarver ( His shots of landscape was immensely beautiful, the sort you feel really touched by its simpilicity and captivating beauty captured in a still moment. We lingered and lingered taking in all the works in display and finally in the spur of moment, we decided to buy 2 pieces. Its something beautiful that we knew we would like to have in our home.

After an hour in the gallery, we decided to go on a short nature walk. There wasnt much to see except to kill time really. Strangely, I found the place seemingly devoid of much life.

After lunch, we headed towards the train station. As we made our way there, I mentioned causually that "I rem the documentary show saying that this train leaves on time you know?" My husband looked at his watch and said "Then I suggest we better run because we only have 5mins to spare." We dashed towards our destination and its never a good sign when you do not see a single person on the way or at the station!!!

We made it in the nick of time and with luck, found our seat and the train took off in less than a min. Close shave!!! As the train started, it stopped over at Barron fall from the other side for more phototaking. Other than that, it was full steam ahead and all we could do was once again gaped at the picturesqueness landscape before us...

Tried to take a video off the camera and stupidly, I forgot that video clips cannot be rotated and i can only take it from horizontal! Anycase, Just thought will still share a short clip of a unrotated barron fall and a mountain view from the train. The clips are short since I needed to save space for my remaining days....

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