Friday, March 28, 2008

NuNu restaurant (Palm Cove)

After the train ride, we decided to have an early dinner at NuNu restaurant ( which was part of Peppers beach Club Hotel.

Before making a reservation, we had absolutely zero idea of what we are signing up for. So we had a really unbiased outing with no preconception. Other than I had wanted to try there after reading a short article about these young and upcoming pair (Jason and Nick), and that it was fusion of Australian/Asian food inspired by their wide travelling.

To our major surprise, NuNu was the best restuarant we had tried as far! The portions are reasonable and the fusion dishes worked extremely well. Not to mention, presentation was beautiful. I kicked my own ass for forgetting my camera tonight!

My main which was the duck confit I had was marvellous and the most beautifully and artistically presented dish I have ever had! The colour were enhanced by the pink pomengrates and red organic hibiscus which are edible!

My entree of spiced calamari infused with coconut milk/juice was excellent! I truly enjoyed my meal! We were also served with crusted round Damper bread which tasted excellent and soft. The staff also recommended a fresh watermelon mocktail mixed with mint etc and it was totally refreshing!

While it wasnt cheap either, we had a really really great time here at NuNu and strongly recommended to anyone who hitched out to Palm Cove. Forget Far Horizon, NuNu is the new kid on the block surpassing the older restaurants with its solid good food and quality! In fact as i make my way to the restrooms, I realise that NuNu actually did beat Far Horizon in the Australian Gourment award for 2006 and 2007! Now even the critics agree, it that speaks volume!

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