Sunday, March 30, 2008

Night of "Sound of Silence"

We were pretty lucky in the bunch of people that shared the table with us. We had 4 from UK and 2 from walsh. I was secretly thanking my stars that we didnt end up any this bunch of very loud Americans that couldnt stop talking in the volume that could have waken the dead.

Video of the surrounding.

The table setting at dusk was really pretty. Made me totally excited and anticipating of what was to come.

The guide introduced us to our surrounding and we all started chatting within our tables. During dinner, we also had someone blowing the usual aborginal pipe.

The bunch who shared our tables were hilarious. Now who said Londoners had no sense of humour and stiff upper lips?

While we were talking, one of the wife was sharing her personal experience of having gotten the opportunity to meet with the Dutchess of Cornwell, Prince Charles and Harry by chance. So the husband was telling us how excited her wife had been that eve, sharing the incident and that she even got to shake their hands unexpectedly. While anyone would have been understanderably excited about this "Royal" experience, what the husband said next had been most unexpected.

It seemed that after the wife has finished gushing about her luck of shaking the hands with the royal family, the husband said to her..."Did you just realised you had just shaken the hand that had held the Royal piss?" That night, my new found UK friends had me laughing in stitches uncontrollably and endlessly...

After the dinner, it was lights out time. The candles were snuffed and suddenly, the whole infintely black sky was suddenly dancing with countless twinkles! I have never ever seen so many stars congregated in one sky in my life prior to this! The milky way, the Orion belt, the southern cross... it was just breathtakingly amazing!

The guide started to read a poem "Sound of silence" to us, as we submerge ourselves into the beauty of darkness and quietness. As he was reading, suddenly, a shooting star was falling behind him and we could all see the star trail and everyone gasped! Truly amazing. As the night grew later, the stars got brighter and we could see the orangey and blue stars, and some other smaller (further) falling stars continued to shower us. As the night comes to an end, they had telescope set up for us to look up into the stars in detail. What was truly most amazing was the fact we got to see Planet Saturn soooooo clearly and defined that it was almost unreal! I got to see a planet with its rings around it for the first time ever!

If this wasnt a magical night, I didnt know what else could be.

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