Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday Dinner at The Quay (Sydney)

Been so much happening that I didnt know where to start blogging!
Had a Birthday dinner at Quay and it was marvelous, the view as well as the food.

Again, Quay does not disappoint....
They served Ethically fished Shark Fins this season. I didnt order it but i queried about it as well. Apparently these sharks are fished within a quota in Western Australia waters and most importantly, the shark are not cruelly placed back into the sea to slowly die with the fins shopped off. Instead, the whole shark is being used such as bonito flakes etc. What I had for dinner was the wagyu steak with mushroom sauce.... absolutely fabu-licious!

Too lazy to log the food but u can check out the 4 course menu here...
However, here's the view with a cruise liner docked in front on sun day.

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