Friday, March 7, 2008

Dinner at Seoul Ria (Sydney)

I decided to steal another extra 2 hours sleep while Gwen took off to meet another of her fren for lunch.

It's funny how you never see your old frens in any other light apart from being ordinary girlfrens. It struck me as truly odd when I helped to picked up Gwen's phone and the caller asked for "Dr Gwen". It took me a few seconds to register the "Dr" part since I havent seen her in a professional light all these years.

For friday, we had arranged and agreed to meet an old highschool fren in the eve who also happened to be living in sydney finishing her medical stuff as well. She had sent a few facebook message prior to this and I figure it would be awlfully rude not to meet up. To the old gang, this is MONUMENTAL since this was a girl we havent been particularly nice to in the last 2 years of high school. Well confession, while we definitely werent "bullies" but I think we had a major role in "ostracising" her at least from our group (which didnt help when our group is already 1/3 of the total class size) , which led to some tears for the poor girl...

So here comes 2 decades later for us to make "amends", with all waters under the bridge. I reckon it would have been more daunting for the girl than us. So we met up at coppers wharf @ darling harbor, at Lindt cafe for desserts and tea. The hot choc i think is overrated but their cake (celebration du choc) is absolutely divine!!

In anycase, the meeting went well and the talk mostly revolves round their medical professional career and life in sydney vs Singapore. Strangely, while myself and gwen never felt it, the girl told us that she felt "discriminated" in a racial way. So i guess she wasnt real happy here and she made up her mind to return to singapore asap.

While it wasnt planned, we decided to ask her along to join us for the movies that nite and dinner with another doctor in training. Yeah, i am pretty sure if anything should happen that nite, I would have been in pretty good hands surrounded by 3 medical professionals...

The movie "We own the night" was pretty crap and boring. We came out shaking our head and totally disappointed in both the story telling and lack of action.

It was raining and we headed to Seoul Ria @ George Street for Korean food to take the edge off our building hunger. Meal went rather well. Even the kimchi condiments was pretty good. We had the marinated beef ribs, spicy tofu seafood soup and this pork meat with lettuce dish. The soup was especially good and korean beef ribs never fail to tantalise. For $20 per person, it was a pretty satisfying meal to boot!

However for dessert, we decided to head to elsewhere for desserts for further chats. Since it was raining a fair bit still, we agreed on passionflower at capital square (

The nite didnt end till 1.30am+ after dropping everyone off. And we and gwen stayed up to 5am to chat more, with the wonders of what we achieved today. Overall, I think we did well today.

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