Saturday, September 15, 2007


Feels funny to be away from "home" now (whereever that is)

It's a fantastic 1.5week back home to sg. Time zooms past when u are having a good time. When it's time to leave, it was not without a trace of regret.

I didnt get to do all the things I wanted to do this trip. I dun think I found what I wanted as well at some part. I wished I had more time.

Nonetheless, it was a fruitful trip back, catching up with some frens, and most of all, some frens that more memories to pack away..

Its funny how you dun see some people for over such a long time and still feel like yesterday when conversation started flowing. Of course, in this trip alone, I have countless "reminders" of the old me. Its funny. I keep breaking into chuckles when i was reminded of all the "torture" I have inflicted in the past, on those waiting for me to arise from my long slumber! (not that the habit has changed! haa haa). The fear of not waking me from my precious sleep...funny... :) I can almost still see W "cringing" when he was describing his fear. Even the girls didnt bat an eyelid when they reminded me of my unspoken rule of "never call before 1pm". Then again, no apologies from a person who loves her sleep. In fact, I have christen my new bed as "Forever bed" because i can lay in it whole day given a chance!!!

Friends who had visited me in my old place could still rattle off my furniture, my display bottles, my posters and tell me the placement. So there, even my stuff gets remembered in addition to me. It's nice.. or either that it means I have too little worldly possessions! ha ha. When C saw my super old JVC cd player the other day and he gasped "You STILL have THAT CD player with you!!!" We both laughed. My player doesnt play anymore, but thankfully the one I got him still does! I half expected him to have swopped to a new model or something by now though.

Funny how the trip seemed so far away now... Canx wait for my next trip back!

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