Saturday, September 22, 2007


Finally went over to stan's place and check out his new rented abode. Its a really a nice modern place and it was bigger than I would have imagined.most of his stuff aint in place yet and still in quarantine. but i loved his Ikea table. so nice, slick and sturdy.

Stan wasnt well that week and so when I went over, he didnt look too bright and cheery just yet. After poking around his place abit, just chatted aquick bit till i registered a funny smell.

I was asking "What is that smell..?"
"It's my dinner" Stan said. "I cooked"
I laughed and replied "It smells like rabbit food!!"
Stan laughed and retorted kinda indignantly "Hey! What RABBIT food! Its..."
I chuckled...
"I have to cook for you sometime soon" as i dismissed his 'rabbit food' jokingly..
Stan didnt wait to jump on that offer in split seconds! Haa haaa

Didnt hang around too long since I had to rush for dinner. Well, will be seeing him soon anyways!

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