Monday, September 3, 2007

Ouch! This taxi fare hurts!

On the way back to the east taking the train, I was horrified at how crowded it was closing to 11pm. It was packed to the brim!!! Not to mention, crowded, warm, and well, kinda assault of my senses in the smell department... I had assume Elaine was exaggerating when she described during our dinner, her train horror every morning and eve to/back from work taking the train. She described at one point, she had to disembark the train because she couldnt handle the crowded pushing and the bad smell up her nose (her being taller than average height). How wrong i was! It was truly as bad as she had described!!!

I was left squashed near the door with no handle to grab on, the guys in front of me either had very bad personal hygience or the humidity gets to their sweaty pores. I almost gagged...
I cursed and sweared internally. I had wanted to grab the cab but the girls told me to "forget it, it would be pretty difficult to hail for one unless you call. And even calling will meet with difficulties i was told.

In that instant, I didnt know what was worse. Suffering for 25mins on the train standing after fighting for a space in the cabin at cityhall, or to be held ransom and slapped with a hefty cab fare.

I guess the bloody taxi fare hike and cabs hiding near the midnight hours now at 11.30pm isnt helping the situation. I was completely shocked when i was informed at the peak hour raised to $2!!! So even before my taxi ride begins, I have effectively lost $8.80 ( $4 booking fee + $2 peak + $2.80 boarding fee).

If this isnt ridiculous pricing, I have no idea what this is anymore. This is the only rare moment i missed the abundant taxis and mini bus in HK, appearing like a genie in a bottle at the snap of your fingers! What has gone wrong in Singapore?

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