Monday, September 3, 2007

Girls gathering!

Jas took half day on mon and so after doing what we had to do, we roam around "aimlessly" in orchard from one mall to another until its time to meet the rest of the girls for dinner.

I love the changes and all the new brands coming in. I love Ted Baker for ages and finally they are now in town! No more having to wait for trip to London or drooling over their catalogue! However, I decided to be good and told myself i wont be buying any more clothes unless they are dirt cheap. I have a long list of things to buy and i need to make sure everything is going to fit into my luggage (without exceeding weight limit!)

For a change, the girls had arrange to have our meal at central @ Clarke Quay. We went inside one of the japanese restaurant but none of us were impressed by the selection and so we walked out before they even have a chance to serve tea. In the end, we opted for Sun and Moon Jap restaurant by the river. Thankfully for the nice breeze, it was actually pretty good dinning alfresco. The only minor bit that marred the moment was the occassional diesel from the scenic view boats coursing thru the river. Then again, i think only the few with sensitive nose like mine would be affected.

The food was pretty decent but Jas's salad was really good. My beef rice was alittle chewy but still edible. It has been a long while since El joined us for our gathering. She had drifted away for a while but since we had a few emails to and fro while I was in HK, just thought of asking her along. It's good to see her especially with all her train encounters, plus the ah beng and ah lian jokes. Funny. Then again, nothing beat doreen's question, asking "Eh, where is the central station?" when she was making her way to meet us. And I thought I was the "blur sotong" getting mystified at Outram inter train connections earlier on! Doreen beat me hands down..ha ha!!

On the way back taking the train, I was horrified at how crowded it was closing to 11pm. I guess the bloody taxi fare hike and cabs hiding near the midnight hours now at 11.30pm isnt helping the situation. I was completely shocked at the peak hour raised to $2!!! So even before my taxi ride begins, I have effectively lost $8.80 ( $4 booking fee + $2 peak + 2.80 boarding fee). If this isnt ridiculous pricing, I have no idea what this is anymore. This is the only rare moment i missed the abundant taxis in HK, appearing like a genie in a bottle at the snap of your fingers!

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