Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kooning day

Had to cancel my lunch plans with Moo Moo on Mon as I was coming down with something. I was annoyed since i was really looking forward to the lunch and i know i wont get a chance since i was flying off on Tuesday nite. She said it was ok but i still felt bad. Afterwhich I went back to sleep for rest of the day. I think my body isnt use to running around so much and the humidity takes some getting use to, even though I thank my lucky stars that it has been mainly breeezy and sunny most of the days i was back!

I woke up in the eve, only rem to cancel dinner with W as well. Instead, I went dinner with mum at our old market and had some usual hawker food. Mum suggested stingray but i have to turn her down due to my throat. She suggested watercress soup which i vehemently shook my head after recalling the disgusting black worms in my last experience. So we settle for some nice simple soup Kuay Chup.

W drove to my place about 8.30pm and we headed to White sands for icecream. We chatted for a while and he gave me the best present in the whole trip, my ANIME CDs, plus meiji milk choc thrown in! Yippeee! I was over the moon!

I was glad that we caught up because we never really talked much over the last 5 years (as he reminded me!!!) He said I owe him a picture after so long and so I oblige, not before protesting a while that he had to choose my worst grubby, listless moments to snap one. Sigh. I lost the battle lor.

My mum was surprised that i came back so early but I was really tired. C sms to ask when i was flying off and so i sms him back a bit. I chatted on the phone for another hour before finally giving in to the sleep monster. Time really passes by quickly...

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