Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A late story night

Fortunately it didnt take very long from cityhall to raffles place, so i wasnt too late for my next appointment, not that Terence will sue me over it. Ha ha. He was prob too busy trying to finish up all other important cases he has on hand before his family trip the next day.

We headed to boat quay next to his office for a quick drink since I didnt want to hold him back from his work. Considering its 8.30pm and a weekday, I figure business is pretty alright along the stretch from the crowd I saw. He havent eaten and so I let him picked whichever favourite haunt of his since I have no preference.

Its pretty strange. I havent seen him for over 5 years as well and considering the circumstances we first met, its funny how we stayed as frends till now. T and I are not the sort who stay in touch all the time, and we certaintly didnt share any historical events from work or school. We just hit off, and I guess for the fact that the little he knew me, it was easier to tell him things I wont commonly share with anyone else. Plus the fact whatever we share strictly stays between us helps letting the defences down. I guess we all need friend as such once in a while- one who listens and offer nothing else but his time and honest company.

The minute we sat down and place our orders, he started the conversation immediately from where our email left off before i came. I laughed. He was more ready to listen than i was ready to start, but i did anyway. It was good getting the story out of my system. The good thing about sharing things privately makes it feels theraputic. When he said he didnt envy me about the things I shared, I laughed in agreement. He told me his views candidly and it made sense. He told me to update him when my week stay is over. So instead of the planned one hour session, Terence decides to stay till it was close to 11pm, talking about other things as well like his fatherhood, some common friends and reliving about other funny things of the past.

The night lights by the river was pretty. Lights have that effect on me. The lights from fullterton hotel was goregous, so was the asian civilisation museum across the waters. So i whipped out my camera so that I can remember this night.

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