Friday, September 7, 2007

Catching up at Wine company

Met up with the rest of the guys on Friday after their work. Met Jas at Tampines before we headed out together. Today, am trying a new place for dinner - Wine Company @ Evans off Bukit Timah area near NIE.

We met CK at Wisma Taxi stand so that he could pick us up. Ck hasnt changed much and it was good chatting and congratulating him on his second baby to come. KF arrived next after sending his wife and baby girl. Not long after, the rest of the group fall in and it was one funny topic to another. Was quite touched that everyone made an effort to join in for the night due to my trip back. Its a nice fuzzy feeling of warmth and friendship. In the middle of chatting, we teased Jas alittle after Vincent let on the little nickname he had for her. We all went "Wahhhh!!!" I could almost see Vincent blush at his own forwardness! haaa haaa.

The wine company was surprisingly a very nice and cosy hideaway. I knew of the one at Dempsey road but not of the one near NIE since It is almost impossible to get here without a car. The food was not too bad. The lotus stew soup was pretty tasty but the cod was kinda bland. However, the chicken wings and the fried calamari rings were quite good and the German white wine we ordered was plesantly light and sweet, with a supposed hint of lychee. Only annoying thing that i rem now is that, I misplaced the label which we peeled off the wine! Darn!

Jas told me the dessert choc cake was suppose to be very good but we completely forgotten about it in the midst of catching up and sharing of the platter. I simply have got to try it out the next time!

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