Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday nite out

Friday is totally hectic. Ran around trying to get my brothers check in, chat abit, and next thing i knew, I had forgotten about my manicure and pedicure! Shit shit shit! Its 5.30pm and everyone i tried has either gone off or claim they are full. I was rather pissed.

Luckily I bumped into Kathy and she called every number and finally got one grudgingly who took me in when i have already made up my mind to forget abt it. Then those people booted me out at 6.15pm because they wont work beyond hours and my nails wont dry. SHit. Remind me why i hate australian work attitude and service level ok. In asia, this will never happen.

Anycase, I smudge my thumb nail within next 10mins. I was really pissed. Still, I have a 7pm dinner to attend, so I desperately try to flag down a cab on a friday nite... NOT GOOD. I was late of course and almost everyone else have already arrived at La Brasserie...

It was a happy dinner! Eileen, Wah, Tracy and Hubby were all there. Jas joined us a little later and the funniest bit when we were talking about the cute waiters, Jerlene was completely smitten by the french waiter. The baby girl couldnt TEAR her eyes OFF the french guy. We laughed so hard and took so many pictures of her staring straight eye to eye with the guy. Nothing could distract her! Not even when we call her or laugh loudly. It was so funny! I joked with Tracy that Jerlene has her first "encounter" with a french man now!

We didnt leave till about 10.30pm and so much for me and an early nite! Still, every min was fun and totally no regrets in forgoing my sleep!

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