Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dinner @Sushi Yoshida

Havent seen some of my old high school frens for ages! So thurs was a good opportunity to catch up! Cyn wanted to try the Japanese restaurant Sushi Yoshida at Devonshire Road (Behind sommerset in town) since she hasnt had any after her birth. Apparently Allan is not big on seafood and sashimi. She had read it up from some food blog and wanted to try it. Of course I was happy to oblige! I wasnt going to say no to Japanese food!

As I didnt know where it was, I sms her if it was at Somerset. She smsed that it was near barstop and that we can meet there. I scratched my head and replied her "which bus stop?"

Finally we decide to meet at the somerset Mrt station exit near the PUB building. Lyn was there first and she definietly looked much better than I last rem in our last meeting. I guess a change in job can do that to people sometimes.

Lyn was laughing and said "i was wondering who was going to turn up next after me." I laughed and said "I cannot be possibly the last with Cyn around!" Luckily though, cynthia arrived shortly and she led the way to the restaurant.

When we arrived, I burst out laughing. Right in front of me was the sign "BAR STOP", a new waterhole! I turned to Cyn and said "And there i was for the last few days thinking your sms typo and u meant bus stop! So i was scratching my head which bustop at sommerset you were refering to!!!!" Both cyn and lyn laughed.

We settled down comfortably at the back of the very small and narrow restaurant. A good part is outdoor dining but we opted for indoor. Each of us have to pick a dish and the orders were pretty much quickly settled since we were game for anything. The nite conversations started on catching up on the latest news, and eventually turned back to IJ days and the other girls from our class, and who ever else has given birth of late.

The food came and i have to say it was average. There were some hits and some misses. The clam cooked in sake was excellent and the 3 of us were pretty happy with the order. The scallop and salmon sashimi was fresh and it didnt have any light fishy smell i feared for some scallops. I liked the tuna sushi but cyn was not particularly keen on it. The seafood yasai (vege) tempura and grilled eggplant turned out to be quite a disappointment for me. The eggplant was too oily and tasteless, while the tempura wasnt deserving in being called seafood. There was only a few pieces of squid which i almost missed if the girls had not pointed it out to me. Plus the batter wasnt crispy as u would typically expect from a good chef. We had some other dishes which wasnt that memorable and ended up with a final plate of sashimi again as parting dish. It came up to about $66 per head and I didnt feel like it was value for money. Thankfully, I had lovely company and so the food didnt matter half as much.

Again, cab was impossible at 11pm and took the train home. It was a bloody long stand back and I wish people around me didnt stink so much. Don;t they bathe or can't they wash their hair properly. It was a warm sourish smell for that painful few short train stops. Luckily it all went away when those people alight at Bugis... Relief for my poor nose! This is the moment I wish I have my car!!!

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