Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Middle of the week

Running around and Wed and Thurs was so tiring. I actually got less rest than expected! Everyone who saw me complained I had lost too much weight. People were expecting me to be fatter than before! However, with sleeping longer hours and eating less meals, there is no way I would be gaining weight I suppose. Jas was commenting "You lost your butt" and I told her, "Damn, that mean i lost my boobs too!" Haa haaaa.

I didnt have a chance to meet a few other old friends I planned to meet. Wee wee had wanted to meet on the weekend but I didnt have time to catch him and his daughters. What a waste! C sms me a few times to check if I was still out but I was always exhauted and steeping thru the door. So ended up with smsing instead of hanging out. My thumb was actually tired from smsing over an hour! Luckily I had a $100 value to spare for these few nights!

Tiring but happy!

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