Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day out to Bronte Beach

A great sunny day today. Went out and have a mini outdoor picnic at Bronte Beach, with fish and chips purchased across the street.

Amy and I were staring at the kids on the train. I didnt know what the row of green structure was till Amy said its the "train house" where the train goes to sleep. We started to crack jokes about the really bored guy maning the train, going round in circles and circles the whole day. I can imagine how freaking bored it must be for the dude. I started to comment about how lovely it would be if they actually paint the green structure with train doors flower etc and Amy went "Yeh!" Then we started imagining how best to decorate the train with painting of doors, building white picket fences instead of the metal fence, have train whistles etc. It was fun for a while.

All in all, a Perfect day! Everyone was just out in the sun just relaxing...

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