Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Korean Drama "Yu Hee, The witch"

Finished the korean drama serial Yu Hee, the witch in one go. It started out promising but towards the last 2 cd, the lead actor character started to annoy me quite a bit. Perhaps I am just not the romantic sort...

I am "suppose" to be impressed by the lead guy's devotion and dedication to his love interest but somehow, he come off more like a useless wishy washy guy with lack of determination to succeed professionally. All he does is always run off to the girl at the most critical testing moments when he is suppose to prove himself as a professional chef (which is suppose to be his life long dream). It begins to annoy me when he passes up chance after chance... So it ended up with me rolling my eyes at the last scene and think to myself "This dude is a god damn whimp." I guess guys with no ambition to succeed and only think of love doesnt really sell to me that much.

I surprise myself alittle feeling that way. I mean shouldnt I be going "Awww so sweet.. he give this and that up for the women he loves..." yet,the moviess indecisiveness and procrastination is not something I take very well. Its like "Get a grip man! Move on already! Stop looking back!" .

So while i think its still an ok light entertainment, it lacks the punch at the end. Plus I am still pondering if the doctor actually have any feelings or not for the lead actress? He always looks so "pensive".. hard to tell...

"The story is about a career woman named Ma Yu-hee who seems to have almost everything, and a young man named Chae Moo-ryung who hasn’t given up his dreams and hopes in becoming a professional chef.

Although Yu-hee is skilled and talented at her job, her looks and actions do not attract any attention from men. Her love life is nonexistent, so she has an earnest hope to fall head over heels in love. But she doesn’t know the basics of dating… So Yu-hee comes up with a dramatic plan to transform herself into an attractive, lovable woman.

Her love coach is none other than Chae Moo-ryung!"

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