Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday brunch @ Food republic

Had a busy day on sunday and ran a few errands. Most importantly, met up with WK for late lunch in town. I have a preference for something "soupy" as I felt like i was coming down with sore throat and potential cough over the long tiring week, we ended up at the Food republic food court @ level 4 of orchard wisma (

Ok, normally I am not a fan of food court on weekends because i hate crowd. I hate jostling for food, and hunting for seats in the ocean of relentless parents and bloody irritating kids that makes so much noise. Most of all, food court food typically isnt tasty and expensive. However, WK assured me that the food was really good and the variety is good. So I went along like a tourist, giving our infamous foodcourt a chance to redeem itself.

I suppose we must have missed the usual lunch crowd at 2pm+. It was still busy and humming with lotsa of customers but surprisingly there were pockets of empty seats around some spots. We found a quiet corner and I too found the herbal soup store (Ah ma soup) to give it a try.

This trip is like paying dues to my old friends. WK is another old fren from uni, though luckily I did meet up with him in his last trip to HK in Jan. I still feel bad about not having spend enough time when he visited as i was over my head with work. WK laughed it off and he said I definitely looked better than I was in HK. I looked much fresher and relaxed and younger. I laughed my head off.

We talked alot, mainly about what I read off his blog about his work. Of course I was elated that he had found another job elsewhere which I instantly congratualate him for his upcoming slavery. The company is well known for working long hours! No matter, I wished him the best and hope this change will work out well this time!

We moved on to borders and he helped me search for the book i wanted. I only found one of the few titles i had intended to purchase. Still, I must say the staff at borders are certainly well trained, polite and helpful. Kudous to the training and recruitment team!

Wk couldnt stick around as he had to meet another friend for dinner. So we parted, promising to keep each other up to date. I moved to taka Kinokuniya and found 2 more books to load my bag with. Its amazing, books in singapore are truly cheaper than elsewhere and if it wasnt weight being an issue, I would have carted more off the shelves!

Before I knew it, I was running late for dinner back home and I had to hail a cab before i missed my precious nephews! I just cannot believe a week has already passed me by so quickly! I am already starting to miss home before I have even left!

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Anonymous said...

aiyo, now i know, next time we must meet not at not a food court!. ;)