Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hippo neighbors above

I hate my bloody noisy "hippo" Indian neighbors upstairs. They storm around the house like elephants, blast their Indian TV so loud as if they are half deaf, and totally inconsiderate about the noise they make.

I have left a note and spoken to them on seperate occasions and apparently fallen on deaf ears or no impact on the peasize brain they have. They probably have too much fat from what i see and its blocking their hearing and impeding their brain cells activity.

I finally had it last night and told my landlord, who apparently had some issues with them as well and told me to write to him so that he can have some "ammunition" to ask them to move out. He was complaining that he suspected their kids scratch his newly painted lift.

Apparently when my landlord was speaking to them on the phone, he heard the indian kids saying "Let's make more noise to annoy them". Pretty stupid people i must say, to say that jest within hearing distance of their landlord. They just indirectly made my case stronger. Thank you very much "not very bright" neighbors.

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