Friday, September 7, 2007

A big reunion

Mum suggested buffet dinner @united square. I really am not keen with buffet dinner. I dun even remember when was the last buffet dinner I or uni? Anycase, went along with it since she said my cousins love that place.

It was fantastic to see all fav my cousins and uncle. Best of all, I get to see my cousin's son yang and I was so amused that he is almost an exact replica of his dad!!! The voice, the "pattern", the mannerism is almost exactly like my cousin that I had to laugh. He had the same cheeky grin and i couldnt help recalling all the times when we were young and our play time each time my cousins stayed over at my place. We would fight, tear at each other's throat, share our comics, play our make believe games and conspire against my mum, and hiding in the toilet and under the bed. The grin on my face just surface automatically just thinking about memories 25 years ago. While the crowd and service annoyed me tremendously, I chatted with my cousins endlessly. I felt abit bad that I kind of neglected my uncles but I have so much to catch up with the girls!

After dinner, my cousin's husband sent us home and the whole entourage came up for a short visit. My mum suggested to bring yang down to visit the "frog" pool and so everyone shuttled down. Despite the cold water, I was impressed that he actually went into the pool by himself! I ran up to grab a towel so that he wont catch a cold later.

It was getting late and so my cousins and uncle started to make their move, afterall it was a long journey back to JB. The house fell quiet again after they left. I didnt eat much that night and my mum had to cook noodles for me later that night to fill my tummy. What an irony, feeling hungry after a buffet, I have got to be the first.

Sigh. If only they didnt live so far, they are about the only cousins that felt like siblings to me. For the first time, I wish I have another sister to chat with like my cousins. I wonder how that would have been like. Ha! What a dream.

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