Saturday, September 15, 2007

Great French Food! La Brasserie

Had the best french meal today at La Brasserie @ Crown Street

Ok, for starters, this restaurant has the cutest French waiters ever!!! And i mean ALL OF THEM! The straight and the gay ones. The young and the old ones. Not a single female serving staff but all male eye candies. Don't think otherwise too. This place has the ambience, service and the good food all rolled up in one place.

There's a guy waiter so cute when he smiles, he can bloody melt you away!!!!! My fren was joking "wipe that drool off the corner of your mouth!"

I thought he looks a the best combination of the male version of Keira Knightly and Orlanda Bloom. His eye lashes are so long with the deep brown eyes, his boyish smile and his dark brown hair... i'm totally smitten! When he was smiling at me taking my orders, it was hard trying to tear my eyes away from his face, and that dont normally happen!

Anycase, the mussels are supreme at this place. So is the beef and dessert. I heard their oxtail are the best but i didnt try it. If anyone else tells u they hate the place, they are plain biased! However. Dont take my word for it, try it!

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