Sunday, September 2, 2007

Surprise dessert treat from an old friend

I was truly surprised when my friend sms and called me. 

Ha! Didnt expect Mr Forgetful to honor his word of calling me when he got back from his Malaysia golf game! I wasnt expecting to catch him since it was pretty late but he swung by anycase, not before "complaining" about me and my beancurd and my remote residence from his. heh heh. 我的宵夜甜品有着落了! After 7 years, he remains he only guy I know who still opens the car door and close it after me.

We headed to Geylang for my fav soyabean curd while he chewed on his black jelly drink. There isnt much place left to choose from at 11.30pm. Of course his relentless questioning started the minute he sat down with my orders in his hands. Sigh, so much for my peace and quiet. Knowing him, it will be a long long night. 

I answered half of his questions and avoided the other half. Problem was that he knew me too well and so it was kinda hard to pretend that was it. So when he said "so what else?" I was thinking "Damnit!". I felt apologetic but I just didnt feel like talking much that night. Thankfully I could always count on him reading me well. If I didnt want to say it, he would know and wasnt going to force it out of me after his first attempt. So he tactfully changed topic to him and the china women walking out of the KTV bars along the road. It was a relief, a huge one.

It felt strange and surreal sitting there. Right now, I wished he wouldnt ask me further because I havent sort out alot of things in my head and sharing it will truly sound stupid. Plus, for a change, this is one thing i never plan to share with him as he canx solve it. However I told him I quit my job and he whined "There I was planning to visit u next month! Why couldnt u wait!! sigh..." I laughed looking at his expression.

I dun remember much of the ride home. Just another comforting familiar road home.
Nothing much has changed, yet everything has changed.
Funny how life is sometimes, isnt it?

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