Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sat nite

Taught my nephew how to write his first picture composition on sat nite. As i didnt want to rush him and ending up with sloppy work, I shut ourselves in the room till he was done. Ok, while the essay writing was a success, the little excercise toss my plans quite a bit coz dinner became later than expected and I was gonna be late meeting Jen in town. So I had to sms Jen and push back our date while I was munching down the yummy BBQ stingray and squid...yummy....

We changed our venue and moved to H.V instead of town since it was quicker for me to get there. It was also at the same time i discovered how OLD my bro's street directory was!!! So many places are MIA on his map!!! I nearly "fainted" while my sister in law was laughing away at the back.

By the time i reached the meeting place, Jen was already there waiting. I was abit lost at first since i havent been to the various stores there and didnt know where she was. Eventually I got it right.

It was nice catching up that nite. We spoke alot and it was a good sharing session. We only left when the place was closing. I didnt realise it was over 2am+. We went to the 24hr cold storage and chatted as we stroll along. I dun know if the chat has made her feel any better, but it certainly reminded me of many things that night. The memories were fuzzy since it has been years since i spent much thoughts on it, so what i had was snippets of events. It felt strangely abstract, like you are watching someone else's movies as your mind sifts thru the past.

We hugged our goodbyes and promised to stay in touch. I didnt want to give her any more advices because she knows what she needs to do or shouldnt. I guess all of us are such. Most of the times we knew the answers, we just didnt want to face it. Perhaps such is the complication of life.

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