Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dinner at Kuriya City Hall

Tues was utterly a rush day. Had 2 appointments with 2 old frens back to back. Luckily W knock off early and so we could settle for an early dinner, leaving T to finish up his work as much as possible before I meet him later.

Went to Kuriya at Cityhall and the food was excellent! The best thing was that Ivy, the serving staff had moved from Shaw to this new branch! So I knew I was in safe hands without having to worry what was good or not. In the end, we mainly let her recommend the dishes and portions. It's always good to have a familiar face where u are eating!

I was not disappointed! Dinner was fabulous! We had a seasonal fish (pix below), which Ivy recommended cooking it in 2 ways, the sashimi and the lighly seared version. W and I thought the seared version was better as it has a light salty taste that enhance the sweetness of the fish. The sashimi was eaten with spring onion and ginger which tasted pretty light to the taste as well. We had other varieties like the duck, egg plant, beefroll with mushroom etc. They were all polished up quickly and too late by the time i rem to take any pictures. All that were left were empty plates!

After dinner, I had to rush off, not before staking out the cd shop and grabbing the 3 ATB cds I had been eyeing on. They didnt have 2 of the cds i had wanted but I aint complaining! Felt abit bad that I didnt have a chance to grab any dessert but i was so full that if I had, i would be bursting from the seams by the time i meet T.

It had been a good chat. I didnt realise it had been 4-5years since we met up. So am pretty glad I did!

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