Saturday, September 1, 2007

Catching up with D

Woke up feeling strange. The surrounding was unfamiliar and then i remembered I wasnt back in sg. Sigh.

The first weekend (sat) I had was to catch up with D since he was living closest to me. We were supposed to have lunch at Bark cafe behind our place but my mum had bought lunch so i ate before heading out. Was hoping the place would have decent desserts but they only had icecream. Still better than nothing!

Finally saw D's new foreign gf and prob due to language barrier, we didnt speak much. When I first saw her, I was slightly taken back because at certain angle, she reminded me of a friend. Thru'out the rest of the day, D and I mainly talked about what's going on around him since my last trip back. I had to agree with him, timing is all bad and I dun envy him being in his position. Guess all i could do is to wish him luck since his problems are not something i can help him with... I asked him if he has contacted Leo, but he hasnt. We both know he missed his company. Man and their ego. Sigh. I have said all to be said, what's left remains in his hands. Knowing D and his character, there is only so much of a button i can press... The day quickly turned to eve and we parted our ways on the bus.

As i strolled home, I think about how quickly your life can turn and the path you thought you knew vanishes and replaces by uncertainty. I wished you, my old fren, well and happy.

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