Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cafe Riviera - French Icecream Palour (Sydney)

There isnt much dessert places in Sydney and so it was a complete surprise when I come across Cafe Riviera in the city. It is a French (homemade) ice cream Palour and my god, one should see the SIZE of the icecream. When i say it's HUGE. I mean its HUGE.

I saw people ordering the icecream mixed that are stacked in a cone shape, as high as the length of my arm! Scary! How can anyone eat so much icecream!

We ordered 2 scoops of chocolate and coconut icecream and I was shocked when two scoops doesnt mean literally 2. Instead, it was like 4-5 scoops. That explains the $8 for 2 scoop pricing. ( $4 for a scoop). So the two of us was trying our best to finish our 2 scoop portion much suited for 4 people.

The chocolate was luckily not too rich nor sweet. It comes more like a dark choc (50% cocoa) flavour and so it was pretty nice. However, I still prefer the creamier Belgium version so I didnt try to finish what I order. All in all a good place to hang out for icecream/ crepes but come in big group is definitely a better option.

68 Liverpool StreetSydney, newsouthwales, 2000

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