Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A new coke can spotted

On the drive to canberra on saturday morning, I stopped on the road to grab some chips in the service station. The new Slim can version of Coke caught my eye (ok I honestly am not sure how long this has been out).
I thought this is the coolest packaging design coke has come up with for their produce. They (the design dept) really outdid themselves this time.
I really really love the can, not to mention that its a slim smaller version where the volume is just right. It cost me about A$2.50 (which i still baulk at the expensive price of carbonated drinks in sydney)
The "normal" coke (say for people who doesnt care about getting fat or loaded with sugar) comes in red while i think the diet coke are both in black and silver can (not sure what are the differences since i didnt bother to look)....

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