Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zettai Kareshi review & Theme Song for now...

Zettai Kareshi is up to episode 5 (review) now but I still have not fallen in love with the drama series. Reason being is that I still cannot reconcile it being different from the manga series in terms of some character development.

For one, I didnt like that Tenjo Night looks/acted so robotic in this series. He looks too fake and it hinder my viewing pleasure. I know the idea is that the audience should know he is a robot. However in the manga series, that is NOT how it should be. In the manga, Night looked and appeared so humanised that no one can tell he is robot and I thought it would have been better if the TV series had portrayed him to be so.

Mikka is suppose to be an utter bitch but the TV series again gave her the chance to be "oh I am falling in love." I wish they stuck to the fact that Mikka is just pure jealous and hated Rikko and will do anything to sabotage her "love life" at any price. In the manga, Night never wavered from Rikko no matter how much Mikka tried to steal him. In fact when Night was accidentally rebooted, what made him special was that he still remembered Rikko as his exgirlfriend which made him unique as his memory of Rikko wasnt erased.

In the TV Episode 4, it wasnt clearly specified as Night had asked Rikko who she was after Mikka's kiss, meaning he didnt rem her, but yet the programmed hobbies (what rikko likes) was retained. Duh? The impact was lost even though the Tv series tried to reinstate the fact that "memory of rikko wasnt erased" after the fire incident but I think it would have been better if Night had remembered Rikko as his ex-gf when he was first rebooted. That would have made the impact that Night was "Humanised" by Rikko and his love for her is so strong that a prgram couldnt delete his memories of her.

The only thing that kept me watching is the development between Rikko and Soshi, the chief. That is something different and non existent in the manga so it's worth watching. Plus I like the actor Hiro who plays Asamoto Soshi, if only they will do something about that awlful poodle perm hair. That hair is in a mess even for a stylish Jap guy!!

As for the theme song "Okaeri" おかえり (dwnload) , it is definitely more impactful than the one I had mentioned earlier for Accuracy of Death movie. For one, the singer's voice is more powerful and wider range. According yo Wikipedia, the singer Ayaka was approached by the manga artist of Zettai Kareshi to create a theme song. So she read the whole series, then wrote the song with her music producer.

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