Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Heading back to Sydney

We passed the "Captain Cook memorial jet" on our way out of the city.

Other than that, it was another uneventful drive back home to Sydney. The drive took slightly longer than 3 hours because of traffic heading inwards. After 3 hours, I left the remaining 45mins drive to my husband. My back was aching because I didnt adjust the back seat properly and my left leg was cramped from being in the same posture (as I was driving dreamily due to rarity of such speed and didnt budge an inch). I literally stumbled out of the driving seat when we were at the service station.

I have to admit it was an easy drive. The scenery was dreadry though with all the dried up landscape due to drought. Plus I hated the setting sun going in and out. I am hoping there isnt any speed camera on the federal highway when i was easily clocking 120- 140km. If I didnt, I probably would be road hogging because everyone else was passing me at an even faster speed.
With that said, I love my Volkswagon Golf GTI, which is deserving of every rave review and being voted best performer car. It responded so well with its grip, cornering, and especially more telling when I happily zipped up upward slope when many cars are obviously struggling at a greater degree. When I was climbing uowards, my speedometer speed didnt even flicker as my auto gear switches seamlessly and effortlessly through the gears. The pick up speed is so fast that you can hardly register the change and no engine drag, absolutely handy for overtaking.
People and even my brother once asked me why do we like volkswagon so , having bought one in Hk and Sydney, much rather than going for BMW or the likes of others. Well, simple reason, its a bloody good sturdy and safe car! :)

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