Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lunch at : JusQytly (Canberra)

Before we hit the road, we visited the museum for the 2nd time to view the rest of the permanent collection from 19th -20th century works to Asean sculptures mainly from Thailand, India and few from Angkor.

We headed to Manuka for lunch. This time round, rather than relying on crappy SMH's food guide, I took a gamble based on recommendation by a restuarant guide book "Beyond the Hills" that was in the hotel room. I decided on "Jusqytly" (pronounciation is "Just Quietly" ) dinning place for lunch since I really like the description and pictures shown.

Breakfast is served till 12pm, while Lunch starts at 11.30am -2pm. We ordered fresh fruit juices ($7 for large) while patiently waited for additional 10mins before lunch. I like this place. It's like a family breakfast gathering place, both bright and cheery with friendly serving staff to boot.

I was starving. So we decidedly on having a shared calamari, to go with our Bay scallop spaghatti and Thai Curry Crispy Duck with rice.

The food came without excessive waiting, pipping hot and in fantastic presentation. My husband thought his could do less with cream sauce, though we both loved the taste and the scallops were positively fatter and juicer than what we paid for last night.

I thought my lunch orders were excellent. There is diversity and depth to the cooking and selection.

I have to say their calamari sweet chilli is a blast. It tasted exactly like our Nasi Lemak (Coconut infused rice wrapped in banana leaf) Chilli! My GOD! I havent had chilli like that since I came to Australia. It was FANTASTIC.

My duck was cooked perfectly even though the skin isnt crispy but I wont quibble on that for a curry dish. The red curry itself didnt quite cut it for me, nice but because I already had a taste of their calamari chilli sauce, what i did is more like what normal eaters would do back in Sg.

I scooped a huge serving of chilli and mixed it with my coconut rice (that came with the duck), and started peeling the duck meat to eat with my rice. This is my "nasi lemak" in australia. I love every bite because the flavours go so well together. I couldnt stop eating.

The calamari not to be forgotten, was just as good. it was done with crisp batter and good serving too.

When the meal was done, we both concluded that Jusqytly is definitely a thumbs up place, worthy of any good reviews (except dessert which I didnt taste). For half the price at $70 compared to what I paid last night, and double the serving, this couldnt be a happier meal.

Incidentally, the one chef hat restaurant Artespresso didnt even make it into the book.
Address: "JusQytly"
Unit 9 M Centre, Flinders Way Manuka 2603
Phone: (02) 6232 6200

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