Monday, May 26, 2008

A new silent spidery "company"

Goes to show how little i use my balcony...a HUGE spider has decided to lay stake and claim the area as its new home without my knowledge for the longest time. Epecially not when the curtain was shielding it from my sight indoor.

It was by chance that my husband spotted it on sunny weekend and pointed out "We have a new home guest" It's a good thing that spiders do not scare me in general. I peered through the balcony glass door and holy smoke, this thing built the biggest web ever! It latched the web onto the ceiling, my bike, my balcony railing, my clothes hanger.

I went "Hmmm" and closed the curtain. It can stay there. I don't mind it really. It eats flies and insects doesnt it? Afterall, I never use the balcony so it doesnt get in my way though i may have to watch where i stick my head out the door without the FIRM STRONG webthreads getting into my hair. I played with the web for a while. It was like stringing a guitar i joked to my partner.

All i hoped is that it doesnt start spawning its babies in my house, now, THAT would be disgusting.

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