Friday, May 23, 2008

Japanese Music Track: Prisoner of Love (May New Release)

Yeah! Utada Hikaru has released a new song "Prisoner of Love" few days ago (May 20) ! Yep, it has already secured the #1 spot under iTune Japan Top Song.

The track has a few versions, and this original will serve as the theme song for the Japanese TV drama "Last Friends" with (official website).

Came across her song while watching Hana Yori Dango 2 (F4 series). It was the insert track "Flavour of Life" (dwnld) that caught my attention to this singer even though by then, the song was already her 18th single releases.

Thought about it and decided that I would only share the "Prisoner of Love" original version (dwnld) here and not the whole album because the idea is for people to like songs heard and START buying artists ORIGINAL albums like I did.

Honestly I would never have bought all the manga figurines (bleach bleach bleach and all the way from Japan Tokyo, not some cheap Taiwanese ripoff!!!), original DVDs and CDs (subsequent) if I had not first stumbled into them free on the internet and fall in love with them. I too have suffered the extreme frustration of loving a song/movie/drama but only having them being not released out of the originating country at all, or until much just wished desperately someone would fulfil your fervent search...

However, I think if the artists/ dramas have proven themselve to be of sustainable interest and not a one song/ep wonder rip off, it is only fair that we should really not quibble over $20 or $1/per track on iTune and just buy them isnt it?

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