Monday, May 19, 2008

Off to try Roti Prata in Mamak (Sydney)

Finally got to try Mamak, a Singapore/ Malaysian food place in city Sydney. Met my friend who told me that they served rather nice local food. I had a roti prata craving and so without hesitation nor put off by the potential food stench that will cling onto my clothes and hair, we trooped down to Goulburn street for our pig out.

After several minutes of contemplation, I decided on having a "Roti Telur Bawang", with half a dozen chicken satay and my iced teh tarik. I lingered on the curry lamb but decided against it after my gf told me the gravy isnt like those back home which are thick and rich. Somehow, in Sydney, curry are always runny and watery without the wholesome flavour. Are they lacking some ingredients I wonder....

My tea arrived first, even in the glass served in kopitiam back home. First glup was filled with memories of home food! It was good! Served rich and with condensed milk, without sugar! Yummy.
My satay arrived next and I had to mentally adjust to the thick fat version here compared to the small dainty sticks I was accustomed back in Singapore. I guess people here will feel ripped off given the asian version, but then again, the vendor probably can't charge half as much for our usual size.

The satay tasted alrite, not great but hey I am not complaining over minute differences. The sauce was surprisinly good, though again I emphasize, NOT authentic. Close but not quite the same.

What was a disappointment was my prata. Alamak! It wasnt served in the usual round shape and in fact, looked bloody greasy. I wasnt going to nitpick on the triangular size but it was bad. It looked more like an egg omelette than a prata for christ sake! Non cripsy, wrong taste of the onion and the egg just wasnt mixed right with the flour. Crap crap crap! The 2 curry sauce dip are worse ever. Runny, weird, and lack of sweetness. Simply cannot hold a fight against any decent prata store in Singapore/ Malaysia. I thought Jalan Kayu prata in Singapore had gone way down and bad, this is even more unappetitzing than I had anticipated. Out of the 4 pieces, I barely finished one piece and stopped.

The mee goreng looked alrite but was too greasy looking for my liking. My gf polished the whole plate and so I reckon it must taste good.

All in all, a mild disappointment and cannot imagine why people made such a fuss about it. It's a shame too since my friend actually knew one of the co-owners...And one would have thought such simple "Cheap eats" would be easy to duplicate and find in a big comsopolitan city... shucks man.

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