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Zettai Kareshi 06 Summary (Part 1)

絶対彼氏 Zettai Kareshi Episode 06 Review

Again this episode is showing up on Night's program irregularity (they need to speed this up man, Night is getting annoying) and at the same time, depicting the growth of friendship between Rikko and Soushi (which i am rooting for!).

The moments in the office between Soushi and Rikko had me laughing quite a good bit, mainly because of the good chemistry. I found it hard to like Night as he continue to act stupid and "cutesy". I was rolling my eyes in the early parts where he was suppose to convince the parents he was a good massue but ended up sounding like some horny provocation. I'm not sure how much his good body is keeping Japanese ladies swooning but i personally didnt like the way he does it. It just looked stupid (even with a good body). However, with his awakening of human traits, I am looking forward to the development. The episode ended with a cliff hanger sort with "THE HUG" and just left me dying for more!

Only 2 points were rather illogical to me...

1. How on earth did Night knew about the parents departure and where/time to find them! Since Rikko herself only knew about it the next morning via sms! Night doesnt have a mobile and was bz the whole seriously...

2. For Rikko to grow up with carrots and the fact that she already knew how to bake, wont the first ingredients to try be something abundant from your backyard? So I found the experimental bit mystifying..then again, its just entertainment:)

Ep6 Recap (Part 1)
Night is back in the Kronos lab again for the repair of his injured wrist (resulted from saving Mikka being crushed to gruesome death by the fallen billboard in the previous episode).

From Ep5 recap, Gaku is increasingly uneasy about the irregularity of Night's program (the displaying of human emotional consciousness). Without elaborating his anxiety, Gaku told his assistant " keep Night under 24hours monitoring. This is a secret between us. Do not worry. I will bear all responsibility". His bewildered assistant looked at Night in the capsule and asked worriedly "What exactly is happening to Zero One?".

While Rikko is heading to work, she received a call from Gaku, informing her that Night's wrist is fixed and it will be free, totally keeping her in the dark of any abnormality. Just after she ended the call, she saw the sticker label with a wave of mixed emotions (probably still reeling from shock about about Soushi's had said the night before).

As Rikko stepped into the empty office, she got a shock when Soushi called her name and froze on the spot. Sensing her unnatural behaviour, Soushi walked towards her and asked if she was having a fever as he put his hands onto her forehead. The action sent Rikko into further shock and told him to stop /not to do that and pushed his hands away. Soushi gave a weak laugh and told her "You are pretty weird" and Rikko indignantly told him she was not and the weird one is him the boss. At this point, The (awkwardness on Rikko's part) conversation was witnessed by Mikka at the doorway, as Soushi reminded Rikko that he is no longer the boss and to address him directly by his name. In Soushi was lamenting about the full rubbish bin, Rikko quickly scooted off, leaving Soushi to look at her direction muttering "What's was that about? (or can be interpreted as what is wrong with her?).

Back in the lab, Gaku planted a secret memory monitoring device into Night for further observation. Meanwhile, his boss told him that he could start on manuafacting "Zero 2".

In next scene, as Rikko made her way back to the apartment, she looked at the sticker on her mobile and convinced herself that it was impossible for Soushi to take notice or like her. When she stepped in, she was surprised with a fully decorated unit and Night sitting in nothing but an apron greeting her return. Rikko tiredly sat down and stared at her phone while Night profess his love again. Nigh's vision blurred away as he looked on Rikko's listlistness at the phone and started recalling Soushi & Rikko's bantering at the sweet exhibition and suddenly commented "In Rikko's heart, you have something more important than me". At the exact moment back in the lab, Gaku was stunned by Night's ability to recall "memories".

Out of the blue, Rikko's parents came to pay a visit suddenly and appeared in her flat within the next few minutes. While Rikko's mum was completely taken by Night's model like "beauty" and massaging, Rikko's dad was fuming mad with this "unknown" male presence as Night broadcast himself as "Rikko's boyfriend!" To appease her dad, Rikko sent off Night to the bar.

The next day, Rikko clumsily dropped her bento lunch on the floor and was witness by Soushi who secretly chuckled and called her "clumsy" to himself. Just as he wanted to stop her idea of eating the dropped food, Rikko parents and Night appeared. After introductions, her parents happily presented Soushi with 2 big boxes of home planted carrots. Rikko looked on again with mixed emotions as Soushi bowed and thanked her parents stating that "he is the one who had been in Rikko's care in office."

Mikka tried to profess her serious love to Night again in office. Night removed her hands and told her he loved Rikko even more (comparing to her love for him). In "anger", she spilled that Rikko actually liked Soushi. "Memories" of Soushi and Rikko appeared in Night's vision and Night "realised" that Soushi is the "other important thing" in Rikko's heart. In jealousy, Night stormed off looking for and confronted Soushi outside office if Soushi loved Rikko, and if he was able to give Rikko happiness. Initially Soushi was taken back by the line of questioning. Upon hearing Night's confirmation that he(Night) could provide Rikko happiness, Soushi paused and ponder, before finally turned away to convince Night "Not to worry and that he(Soushi) doesnt like Rikko at all. Instead, they (Night and rikko) should both get along happily and stop fighting." Soushi's statement was overheard by Rikko who had approached them. As Soushi walked away unknown to her presence, Rikko stared lingeringly at the departing figure of soushi with mixed emotions.

During dinner, Rikko got into a fight with her father misundertanding over Night's cohabiting with Rikko and her past failures. While Rikko stormed off and ended up in office, Night who chased after her ended up in the bar instead and subsequently complaining that Rikko's dad doesnt love her as he kept scolding her. However, he was told that it was precisely of the father's love that the fight occured and that he need to please Rikko's father if Rikko is the woman he loved.

Back in office, Rikko hungerily chomped on her dad's carrots when Soushi suddenly appeared asking "Are you a Rabbit?" (refering to her eating raw carrots). Rikko confided that she had run to office as refuge after a fight with her parents during dinner, while Soushi commented how lucky it must be to be able to eat hotpot with parents, something which he never did. Rikko joked on that her father is a self professed "Carrot man" and not a Japanese (Play of Japanese words: "Nihonjin (Japanese) vs Ninjin (Carrot-man)") Soushi exclaimed those were the best carrots he had ever tasted and bot laughed when Rikko commented he looked like a Horse with a carrot in his mouth!

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