Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Love "Komachi Japanese" Dine in!!!

On Sun night back from Canberra, being lazy to cook, we headed back to my favorite Japanese restaurant Komachi @Surry Hills. This time round, I brought my camera! The second time round, the nice Japanese Obasan recognised me from my last patronage 2 weeks back.

We had almost the same orders as per last trip, with my fav Agedashi Tofu (fried Beancurd), Salmon Sashimi, Miso paste Eggplant and refillable (no extra charge) of green tea. This time however, we opted to try another udon bowl and to share it between us since 2 noodle orders would be too much for us. Once again, the consistent good food is worthy of my praise.
Instead of seafood and Tempura udon, I chose the minced pork with mushroom and picked vege (sichuan vege actually) in chicken stock. This time, the noodles variation gave it a milder plainer taste which is good for me. It is still equally tasty, just different from the previous orders that is more tantalising to the tastebuds.

However the highlight tonight was the icecream. The sesame icecream is absolutely divine and to die for. If you are living in Sydney, I strongly urge you to try this place and not to be missed creamy sesame icecream, that is served in a delightful kawaii hatched egg bowl, served with a spoonful of red bean paste that blended so well with the icecream. Love it, love it and just love it. Everything came up to about A$48 for the 2 of us. If that is not a steal in Sydney, I'm not sure what else is.

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