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Zettai Kareshi 06 Summary (Part2)

Zettai Kareshi Episode 06 Review (Part2)

Back to the bar as Night continues to seek advice on how to reconcile Rikko and her father. He seemed to get an idea as he stares at the (picnic cover) magazine lying on the table as the lady boss left the key for him to lock up for the night.

The next morning, he rosed everyone from sleep and announced that "We are all going for picnic!" The family went along and ended up in Children's Park. While Rikko was sharing a canoe with her dad, Rikko's mum confided in Night that it was actually Rikko's dad who wanted to visit Rikko badly as he missed her. He was obviously worried about Rikko but refused to admit it, in addition to being bad in communicating his true feelings. Meanwhile, Rikko and her dad started bickering on the boat. She complained that the boat was "hardly moving", while the dad retorted that Rikko was being noisy and asked her to just quietly sit there. Night appeared in a boat passing yelling "enjoy family time". Rikko's father got more exasperated, stood up and yelled for Night to shut up. In the process he fell into the water instead!

Night arranged for a family shoot. When Rikko's father passed the photo to a sulking Rikko, telling her to "give up her dream", Rikko told him to leave her alone and started bickering again, resulting in the family picture being torn apart! Rikko's father insisted on her returning home and stop her wishy washy attitude (thus resulting in all the halfway failures in the past). Rikko was upset that she was being compared to the carrots (and told being worse than carrots!) In anger that her father didnt understand her, Rikko ripped up the picture further and stormed off after exclaiming she doesnt like him.

Night chased up to Rikko and yelled at her to stop, saying that he finally understood "why one has to scold the person you love". Rikko blasted at Night that he doesnt know anything being a programmed robot, despite him sharing that "Your father loved you and hence was very worried, as such, shouldnt you (Rikko) at least minimally understand that?" Still in anger, Rikko stormed off refusing to take any further advice from a robot. Concurrently in the lab, Gaku and assistant was surprised at Night's new ability to form an advice.

Rikko received a call from Soushi and went back to office while Night sped off to tirelessly search for the photo pieces (thru the night). Soushi wanted Rikko to compete in the competition (with the carrot ingredients) and encouraged her as a chance to fulfil her dream as a patisserie. During baking, Rikko explained to Soushi's query that her aspiration had come from a movie of a female patisserie (which she had watched when she was young with her dad). Since then, she believed it was a joy to bring happiness to others with sweet desserts/ pasteries. Soushi smiled and said "It's so your style." When he causally asked and found out that both daughter/ dad were still bickering, he offhandedly commented "Speaking of which, your father is amazing to be able to grow such delicious carrots!" Rikko stared at the carrot wistfully.

When Soushi realised Rikko's parents were leaving that morning, he insisted for her to go and send them off. Despite being secretly pleased to see her, the father/daughter started bickering again when he accusingly disbelieved her to be at work the whole night. At this point, Night arrived to hand the "fixed" picture to Rikko's dad and proclaimed that "His love is as deep as Rikko's father for her". Rikko apologised as she saw the softened look on her father's face. Before Rikko's father depart and told Rikko (to tell Soushi) the ingredient to enhance the carrot taste, he formally left Rikko in Night's care. Night responded that "I wont lose to you (dad) and will protect Rikko as well as you (as her father) would."

Meanwhile, Gaku's manager was furious about the program abnormailty in human traits. Gaku was forced to retrieve Night for repair or for destruction! Unknowingly, Night took a ride from Gaku and happily shared that Rikko's dad had accepted him as the boyfriend.

Back in office, Rikko tried her dad's receipe and it was a success! Just as discussion progressed, Rikko nearly fell from fatigue and exhaustion suddenly. Soushi asked worriedly if she was alright while stabilising her.

Wanting to avoid Soushi's grip on her (from falling), Rikko hurriedly stepped back and replied she was alrite. Just as she was thanking him, Soushi lunged forward and hugged her instead!!! Both looked equally shocked at this new development!

[End of ep 6] (Ahhhhhh!!! Hug me!! haaa haa)

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