Sunday, May 11, 2008

Doorae Korean BBQ and hotpot! (Sydney)

Been craving for some Korean dishes for a long while, especially the spicy hot pot. So i googled around and settled on "Doorae" Korean BBQ place. The place was definitely thumbs up and a place worth revisiting!

I dived straight for the seafood hotpot and also the marinated BBQ beef ribs (#2 on menu). For the interest of trying out, my greedy gut also ordered a seafood pancake.

The portions are sizeable. However I was hungry last night and so nothing woulkd stop me from my spicy food. The hot pot ($45) was amazingly good and there were reasonable amount of 6 prawns, 6 mussels and a good hearty slab of fresh fish, plus loads of cabbage, sprouts and veges! I would have preferred it spicier to suit my asian palate but I had to settle for the lesser spice version for my husband.

The marinated beef was superb and we were so busy shoving food that we didnt bother to talk much. The 3 orders were abit much for 2 people much we still finish pretty 90% of it. I didnt know if australian are scared of spice or they just didnt like soup as we were the only ones with it. That didnt stop them from stealing glances at ours though and looking as if they wished they could have a taste.

I would be looking forward to my next trip and have a go at their korean ginseng chicken next time! And have to rem my camera the next time too!

It is located at 209 Clarence street.From Town Hall Station, walk north up George St, turn left into Market St and turn right into Clarence St. A seven-minute walk.

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