Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Friends (Japanese)

Just finished watching "Last friends"...all i can say for now before I add my review later, is that "Wow..OMG. What a drama!"

It's good, really good... Dark but good.

To start with, I absolutely love the drama song intro "Prisoner of Love" and the various shots (seen below) the editors have pieced together so aptly. While it may seem strange initially with people walking about haphazardly, the song intro finally begins to make sense as the drama episodes progressed and the various states of emotions of the different character started to appear and cracked.
I love the simple representations (to me at least). The binding red string signifying our entangled destiny/ fate), house keys representing the key to a person's home but more importanly and indirectly, to one's world and heart, the cup as like our heart, overspilling with (dark) emotions.
The song lyrics couldnt be more aligned with the drama, the despair, anguish, agony and contradictions of love. There is a reason why its titled "Prisoner of Love". Aint we all are?

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