Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh no it is going to get more expensive...

It's already expensive enough living in Sydney for basic things and it will only get more expensive.

It's really none of my business and i may not understand the full picture over the years but it appears the people in charge of running this nation is seemingly strange, and some workers generally lazy. The Labor party advocate union protection (basically everyone gets the same reward regardless of your job performance) and do away with "award based on work merit". So why would everyone want to work harder if the lazy ones is protected by union and gets some reward?

The state wont do away with the ridiculous welfare system for the jobless which only breeds complacency and more drug junkies and single mothers. (I'm not the only one saying this. Many young educated locals said this to me too).

Why couldnt they set up some rules and regulation on the limit times you can get welfare doe if you are not invalid, sick, or below age of 40yr and bar people with drug offences (link your systems!) from getting any welfare money? A person's inability to hold on to a job should not be a valid reason to live off the state isnt it? Otherwise where does the motivation to work comes from if there is always a state owned safety net? I bet that will save the country millions of dollars over the long run. Maybe the people in charge of $ should tune in to ACA TV program once in a while to see how nonchalent some of these welfare "receivers" are. They have no shame or qualms about taking "free" money when they are fully capable but too lazy to hold on to a job because its too "hard" and "tiring" for them. The money would be better well spent to improve the train system really and infrastructure. But i guess it boils down to popularity vote. No one wants to put their head on the chopping board and do away something that is so entrenched in this society and risk being booted out of their political career.

So Instead the state choose to penalise the smart hardworking ones with high tax, so the really capable ones choose to leave instead. The tax is slightly lower but it should be much lower.Brain drain.

Funnily instead of supporting the people who choose to stay in their own countries, the state slap true home owners (who stays in their home) with housing tax and yet reward home investors with tax rebates. I do not know the full rationale of this but it seems weird to me.

What is wrong with this country's idea of governing the country? It is really incomprehensible for an outsider like me coming from a result oriented performance based country. The only way i see Australia is surviving is that they are blessed with rich natural minerals and tourism.

And now, the below that is released today after the budget annoucement. I can see myself shelving more money now each time i need to travel?

"The cost of air travel looks set to rise after last night's Budget brought in a higher airport departure tax.

From July, the passenger movement charge will be lifted by $9 to $47 per passenger, raising an extra $500 million over four years.

Passport fees will increase by 4 per cent, and visa application fees will jump by $25. And that's $763 million in a full year. So that's quite significant. So that'll feed through to petrol prices"

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