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Zettai Kareshi 05 Summary

The whole episode 5 is more like building a love story between Soshi and Rikko than Rikko and Night?! Ok, Hiro is hot here and he is getting plenty of airtime in this epi. So I aint complaining.

However, if I have a real guy like Soshi, why would I fall for a robot whose movements are painfully and acutely like those of an ancient relic, rather than a revolutionary robot of the 21st century?! Not sure if the director was thinking of the Honda manufatured robot when he discussed the role with the actor.

Anyway expecting any scene remotely like the manga will be grossly disappointed. The storyboard is developing way way off what manga addicts to the original story will like. It's a fact that many manga lovers are out there are thrashing the drama for the major deviation and mostly for the unnatural robotic movements that is increasingly an eyesore.

I am begining to wonder why is Night acting like an complete imbecile here. He is love struck, does stupid things in office like writing love notes on window and openly giving flowers to Rikko despite her obvious discomfort. Can a 21st century program be so childish and outdated? Plus in the manga, Night is suppose to be good in everything including social behaviours, his only job was to gather emotional data, but in the drama, he seemed to be a complete idiot not knowing how to socialise or have a normal conversation.

Zettai Kareshi Epsiode 05 Review:

Continuing from the previous episode, which I am still fuming from the unsatisfactory "saving" kiss and Gaku realised that Night's memory of Rikko is still intact...

Gaku decided not to report the "malfunction" to the boss and from his facial expressions, a looming cloud of worry was bothering him. Night (very annoyingly) acted like a "cute"(more like a moronic pest) bf and being lovey dovey with Rikko again at home, thinking that Rikko actually loves him. He had no recollection of Mikka or whatever that had ensued before the fire. After all the payment to Gaku and landlord, Rikko realised with despair that she only had 288Yen to survive perday and so Night and her embarked on a penny pinching strategy such as buying discounted food from supermarket and light saving efforts etc.

The next day at the office, Riiko apologized to Soushi for not coming to lunch the day before and Soushi joked causually that "She is still 10 years behind before she has a chance to ditch him on a date". (We all know that its not true as he DID wait for her in prev ep..why didnt she call him is inexcusable!) Night appeared telling Riiko that she's cute. Soushi assumed the two had patched up. Mika lied to Riiko, that she never had any interest in Night in the first place (but we all know she was internally screaming for revenge!)

Later on, Riiko's co-workers told their supervisors that Riiko's choux cream will be displayed at the next Tokyo Sweets Exhibition. Riiko was initially shocked that she had to make 500 pieces but changed her mind when Soushi said ingredients costs will be borne by company and there is OT pay and possibly good bonus for good sales... I love this scene where Soushi and Rikko started looking for a pastry book "Principe de la Patisserie" that Soushi's grandpa used to have. Night appeared like a jealous cow and Soushi discreetly slinked away. (I loved Hiro's interpretation of the expression. Funny!)

That night, Night and Riiko went book hunting but it was too expensive and so Rikko put it back on the shelf. Gaku stopped by Rikko's house as he was worried about the program and decided to reset it and upload into Night.

Later on, the story goes on to highlight Night becoming jealous as he sense Riiko and Soushi getting along well. This continued when the three goes to Fujiko's cafe/bar. Night's programming become blurry when he sees Riiko got too close to Soushi. He even drank the customer's beer which he should be serving.

The next night in office pantry, the same blurry program malfuntion happened due to the "Jealous" activation when Soushi and Riiko are about to make choux cream together. When Night saw Soushi holding's Rikko's hand to inspect the bleeding cut on her fingers, Night's vision started to blur and suddenly lifted a few plates and deliberately smashed them. Soushi and Rikko were stunned. Night reverted back to normal and forgot he was the one who threw the plates. Rikko got worried and asked him to return home, and called Gaku discreetly of her concern. After hanging up, Gaku knew there was trouble.

At the exhibition, there was low/slow sales and to cheer Riiko, Soushi teased her by sticking a price tag on her cheek stating "I wonder if you would be sold first or the cream puff?" Riiko was touched and decided to keep the price tag on the back of her cellphone but Night got jealous again and tried to rip the price tag away from the phone but dropped it instead. Once again he forgot what he did.

The next scene was completely Rikko and Soushi "private time" where Soushi once again cheered Rikko up and telling her that the puffs are delicious as they ate the leftover. He also pointed out that she's the one who usually always try her best, mimicking her voice and expression. (Hiro's so cute!) Riiko started smiling upon his attempt as he attempt to "force feed" her with the Choux cream puff.

At home, Night put a blanket over a sleepy Riiko and ate some of the choux cream she brought home. Night told her that her choux cream is the best in the world. However, Rikko's response was to stare at her mobile with the price tag on it (from soushi) and Night had a solemn expression.

The next day, Soushi is shocked that a forum had criticised and slandered the choux cream puff . (Guess who....) To rectify the "brand name damage", Masashi wanted to fire Riiko but Soushi refused, claiming that she's an important and talented employee. Instead, he offered to be demoted. Riiko found out the truth during the team dinner outing and rushed back to office to Soushi, brushing off Night who was waiting (like an idiot) to pass her the book present.

She asked Soushi why did he take the blame for her. He claimed that it was because "he liked her.." before belatedly adding "...choux cream". Rikko stood there in shock and speechless. Soushi made an excuse it was late and time to go home. Before he left, he causually and playfully nudged Rikko's head in attempt to lighten her mood. (she looked like she was digesting the shock of his "confession". Hiro rocks in playing such a scene as he had that childlike-ness I suppose...)

Outside, Gaku approached Night to fix his damaged hand. Night sadly said that Riiko has someone else who's more important than him. Gaku concluded in shock that Night had developed his own will and emotions (sensitivity) out of the program...

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