Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Japanese Music Track: Utada Hikaru: Beautiful World / Kiss Cry Release

The theme song for the "Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0 " movie is (by Utada Hikaru) "Beautiful World (dwnld)" and of course, we wont be doing without the unforgettable anime signature track of "Fly me to the moon" (dwnld).

My initial impression of the newly "revised" Fly me to the moon" was quite undecided. It is completely different from the first animation sound track release. I couldnt tell if I love the way the change the starting or hate it. Eventually, I guess it grows on you because it isnt sickly draggy, plus the fact Utada has a powerful vocal which helps prevent you being drowned in this track.

Beautiful world track is exactly the way I would expect it to be for an Evangelion movie. Quick tempo, upbeat and slightly haunting (not the best word but that's what popped into my mind))

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