Saturday, May 17, 2008

Off to Blue Mountains

The weather didnt look too bad on saturday and so we jumped into our car and drove to Blue Mountains. I havent seen the "3 sisters" as yet despite having been to Sydney so many times.

It was a 2 hours drive from Sydney city taking M4 highway. Truth is, after reaching echo point and saw what I came here to, I was a little disappointed. The first thought was "Just this?" Not that its not pretty... perhaps I had expected too much. I guess after having seen Grand Canyon in las vegas, it's really hard to beat that with something else in a similar category. Of course there are walks to do but certainly not in the adverse weather conditions I had that day

We started off from across the 3 sisters, and then made our way across to the sisters where there is a man-made connecting bridge to walk to/on the sisters.

So I finished my sight seeing in 40mins and here's your video clip overview of what I saw under 2 mins.

Headed off for lunch at Echo boutique hotel. The beef I had was fantastic, in addition to the fact that I was famished beyond description. The fruit fondue looked pretty but wasnt that great. My partner had their rabbit pie and it was a mighty big and yummy one!

The indoor restuarant had a great view of the valley I might add. Towards the end of my lunch, there was a passing heavy rain. It started off nothing like I ever saw.

Remember those cartoons you used to watch where you literally have a "localised raincloud over your head"? That was exactly what i saw. It was funny! As I had an obstructed view of the window scenery, i saw the small raincloud passing quickly from right to left before the massive rain hits. As luck would have it, I caught a portion of a beautiful rainbow that appeared for 2 mins.

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