Friday, May 16, 2008

Chill Music: Private Beach Club Album

I had completely forgotten about this "Private Beach Club" compilation which I bought eons back. I had been so absorbed with my Hotel Costes X album that this was neglected.

Ok, truth is, I didnt even know why I shelf out $60 at that time for this. Most of the songs didnt impressed me much especially those on Disc 1. It's too Bossa Nova for my liking. The only song that I thought was relatively cool and decent was Track "Ces Jeux Legers" (Dwnload). It's the soothing slower electronic tune. Think floaty dresses.

Disc 2 was slightly better with a catchier dance tempo.

My fav DJ Miguel Mig once again does not disappoint. The first time I came across his tracks was couple of years ago when I got the "Le Meridien Cyberport Compilation"- Brand New Day.

When his tracks come on, Think of Wine Bar. Think Chill club. Think urban bar. Yep you get the picture. So this time round, absolutely love his track (Track 02)- Mesmerised (dwnload) and is an instant hit with my dance cells and its the uber cool lounge hit.

The only other track worth mentioning is "Boogie Ooogie Ooogie" by Big Milk (dwnload). It has staying power - meaning its the sort of music that grows on you as you repeat its plays. Its hard to describe but again the sort of chill lounge music which you wont mind having it on while entertaining guests at home, or while you are soaking in a hot tub in a cold winter night. It's hip, modern and gives you lightness in your steps. Think Candle light. Think Seduction.

I googled the song (link above) and realised belatedly that Boogie Oogie x2 is actually a 1978 dance hit performed by "A Taste of Honey! "Boogie Oogie Oogie" became a number one across-the-board hit and the first platinum single in Capitol Records' history! Thanks to a bunch of Air force club people who held contempt for the group, this song is born!

Who would have thought, 30 years down the road and its still a great dance tune after remixed to blend into modern times. I definitely appreciate this track much more than before!

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