Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food review: Malay Chinese Takeaway (Sydney)

I thought Malay Chinese Takeaway would be worth my effort after reading soooo many raving reviews about their chicken laksa, with some claiming it to be as good as "home" flavour. So I headed there last week and at 12pm, it is impossible to grab a seat with the lunch crowd. I decided to loitter in Borders at Sky Garden instead and waited till the lunch vultures dispersed at 2pm

Not sure why the name is takeaway when they obviously have numerous tables cram together for dining in. The serving is large and it certainly looks good. However, each bowl of chicken laksa cost A$8.20, while a seafood laksa will knock you back by $11.20.

First taste was a disappointment. Ok, I think the gravy is good, but it is NOT how a proper laksa should taste like back home. Rather, it tasted more like our version of malay curry chicken gravy instead. It is missing something but I have yet to decipher what was missing at this instant. It was alright, so so by our foodstall (hawker stall) standard. Cannot even compare to our famous Katong Laksa in Singapore by a LONG mile. The worst horror was when it was served in thin beehoon than laksa noodles. What the hell? They even change the main noodle ingredient... So what's next, squid ink sphagetti noodles? Totally unsatisfying but at least they are smart enough not to ruin it with the yellow hokkien noodles.

What I do like is the fact that there were quite a mouthful of chicken meat, and NOT breast meat thankfully. However the seafood laksa is sooo NOT worth your money. For $11+, they were pretty miserly about prawns. They stick cheap stuff in and soooo totally not worth the additional 3 dollars. If I were you, stick to the chicken version.

I'm sorry to say the whole food experience was another let down. Well, it was nice in its own way, but its like someone telling you "raddish taste the same as carrot" which you know obviously is false even though you know they may fall under the same category.

So there my fellow singaporeans, take my advice, lower your expectations (even if you think Katong Laksa is no longer as good) and you will have a more fulfilling eat than I did. Not sure how malaysia laksa taste like so no advice there.

50-58 Hunter StSydney 2000 NSW

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