Sunday, May 18, 2008

Komachi Restaurant (Sydney)

Desperately need to find a good Japanese home cook style dining and ventured to Cleaveland Surry Hills. There is a small dining place "Komachi" that had several rave reviews.

Verdict is, I stand by all the raving good reviews on this place. It is absolutely excellent for a good clean unadulterated version of ramen, udon and many other dishes.

Between the 2 of us, it came down to under $70 for what we had, which is relatively a steal in my opinion of a decent (non frozen/ fast food) meal out in Sydney. We ordered a seafood ramen (in chicken stock), a tempura Udon (in fish stock), a stewed pork belly, agedashi tofu, salmon sashimi entree and finally my favourite grilled eggplant covered with miso paste.

The noodles were about $15 per bowl and would prob have been sufficient by itself for a good meal given its size. What I loved was that all the noodles are homemade and not from packages. U can tell from the inconsistent width and shape of each strand.

I was greedy and trying a variety on the first trip to have an as "unbiased" verdict as possible was a standard practice. The pork belly was the highlight, soft and tender, stacked on top of a handful of greens. The taste was so clean and tantalising, with a touch of herbal fragrance that it was impossible to stop! Everything I had that night was excellent and beyond reproach! I cannot imagine anyone saying Ramen Kan is good. That place is downright inedible and ramen stock greasy with a thick film on the surface.

The only downside was parking, which is typically horrendous everywhere in Sydney on a weekend night. Still, all efforts were worthwhile. I adore this place to bits and count on me being a regular! The next time, I shall have to bring my camera!

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