Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Off to see the New Parliamentary House.

I liked this quirky structure as I drove out of the lane.

I thought it would be a waste to skip the new Parliament House in Canberra, so we detoured to the building before hitting the road back to Sydney. Alot of Chinese (and I mean China) tourists. I couldnt understand why are they so excited about what they saw.I was keeping my distance. Didnt want them coming up talking loudly or spitting in my face which is one thing that positively annoys me and probably rest of the world (thus giving most other chinese race a bad name).

Honestly, do not see the fuss nor cause of excitement... it isnt a country of rich cultural history with kings, queens and intervening popes. Then again, I wasnt born in a communist censorship prone state. (Amen!)

Speaking of which, I need to find out what is the difference between calling Australia 澳大利亚 vs 澳洲? Suddenly, I see Kevin Rudd addressing Australia on the news as 澳大利亚 while for past 30years, most of us have known known Australia as 澳洲. Are they being afraid of being confused with Europe chinese prounciation(欧洲)?

Anycase, while the building looked pretty "futuristic" on the outer facade, the inner rooms were typical governmental design, so totally boring and uninspiring imagination. I guess its still a conventional notion that "officials" must work in the most sterile looking interior because that would give some sense of false importance and non cluttering of visual sense. Oh well. some of the furniture are looking old and ratty with its faded colouring. There was however, 2 lovely paintings of Queen Elisabeth. How lovely she looked when she was young.

(House of Senate)

(Magna Carta, a symbol of liberty: something my husband knew and I didnt...)

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