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Last Friends 07 Summary

Last Friends Episode 7 Review

Continuing from last episode's confession, Ruka was forced from revealing her problems to Takeru. Instead, Ruka's departing to Takeru was for him to love Michiru even more because Michiru is afraid of being lonely. Before they returned into the house, Ruka seeked Takeru's assurance that nothing had changed and that they will remain as friends as before.

Inside the house, Ruka put on a bright disposition and mingled with the rest of her housemates in the new game. Takeru looked on by himself, understanding that in order to be part of Ruka's life, he had to keep his sorrow to himself and not become a burden to Ruka. While everyone was having fun, Eri shared that she had won 6 free tickets to the amusement park and asked everyone along. Michiru cautiously looked on to Ruka's response and was secretly glad and relieved that Ruka wanted to join in the shared activity with her in it.

The next day, Ruka unexpectedly brought her biking coach to the house and introduced him as the 6th person to join in for the day's activity. Michiru misread the situation and openly asked if the coach was the "person that Ruka secretly liked for years." Ruka awkwardly admit to it, while Takeru sadly looked on.

In the park, as everyone else paired up and moved ahead, Takeru looked ahead and saw his sister with her family. Takeru was rooted to the spot from shock. His sister looked up and saw Takeru, pausing before giving a smile to herself but without greeting him. Takeru feeing weak to his guts slowly ambled away and walked off in the oppposite direction. Michiru saw and worriedly followed him, where Takeru later said he was unwell. Meanwhile, Eri discovered the missing two but Ruka brushed it off as nothing (and giving the 2 private times) and proceeded to lead the group to play the games.

Back at home, Takeru and Michiru was alone at home while the rest were not back yet. Michiru told Takeru that she will be happy to listen to his troubles and to support/help him, as he and everyone else had saved her from Sosuke. She would like to be by his side when he is lonely. While Takeru was seemingly touched, yet he hid the truth from Michiru and said he was only tired from work.

Just then the rest returned and sprung a surprise "present" on Michiru. When she unveiled the box, it was a cake saying "Welcome home Michiru". Ruka explained that things were alittle messy earlier and so this is a belated welcome party. Michiru looked almost in tears and shared that "she had always been afraid to be alone, and she wanted to tell everyone that it's so good to be here." As the rest joked on with Michiru, Takeru excused himself to pour coffee for everyone. Just then, Ruka's coach walked in with food and shock registered on Takeru's face as he looked on from the kitchen.Ruka walked in, "carelessly" ignoring Takeru, poured coffee to her "paired" mug and offered it to her coach. Takeru looked choked with overwhelming emotions at Ruka's behaviour and was seen silently brooding in his room in the next scene.

Michiru made up her mind and approached Ruka in her room. She confied that she had decidedi to have a chat with Sosuke and end the relationship with him. She felt that she now possess the necessary courage. Ruka initially tried to dissuade her from meeting Sosuke face to face but Michiru wanted to prove she is capable of solving her problem on her own.

The next day when Michiru rang Sosuke, he misunderstood and assumed she was returning back to his place since she had no place else to go. He was stunned when Michiru told him she wanted to end the relationship. Sosuke asked if she was being brainwashed by the "sharehouse" people and they will eventually abandon her as well. Michiru defended her friends while Sosuke said he will never leave her until till death. When Sosuke said he loved her alot, Michiru questioned didnt he hit her so that she would do his bidding? When she said that Sosuke only viewed himself more important as her, Sosuke denied and defended that he only wanted to be one entity with Michiru. Michiru sadly apologised that she didnt understand Sosuke either and said her goodbye (formal end of relationship) before hanging up.

Next scene, everyone at the biking place stared at the pasted noticed about "Ruka's personality". After Ruka angrily tored off the notices, her coach asked her "What exactly are those and if she has any clue who might have done that?" Ruka awkwardly explained the defamation probably was from Michiru's ex DV boyfriend and was hateful that Ruka ruined their relationship. As Ruka walked away, her coach firmly asked her "So there is absolutely not a shred of truth inthose word?". Ruka replied if those things are believeable and her coach sheepishly said that no he doesnt believe so.

Sosuke met the "welfare" boy again, one whom he had been sharing bread with in the past. He asked when did the boy's mum disappeared and the boy said he couldnt remember anymore. Sosuke followed the boy home and saw the messy house which stirred up Sosuke's emotions.

Sosuke brought the little boy back and made dinner. When asked, Sosuke said his mum has passed on, he wasnt married and he broke up. When the boy stated isnt he (Sosuke) lonely, Sosuke said no as he was confident Michiru would return.

Just when Takeru returned home, Ruka passed him and stormed into her room without a glance or a word to him. Giving in to his struggle and unknown that Michiru was actually home overhearing, he stood outside Ruka's room and asked what was bothering her and she should share with him since they are friends. Totally frustrated, Ruka threw stuff at the door (where Takeru was standing outside) and shouted that he was a nuisance and there are some things that one would rather die than spill. Dejected, Takeru stormed off to his own room in despair, with flashbacks of his sister when he was a child.

The next morning, Ruka's odd mood set everyone to be jumpy and concerned. After she left,Takeru spotted her forgotten mobile but struggled not to chase after Ruka. Instead,Takeru helped out in the kitchen and asked Michiru openly if she cried last night thinking of Sosuke again. She sadly admitted to it, sharing how sad it was to regrettfully leave something she cherished behind, when ironically it was actually hell in reality. Takeru said he understood as he had shared a smilar past, "someone whom he once loved dearly is now someone he hated". Sensing Michiru's worries, he smiled and assured her "everything will be better. A new person you will like will appear, and new friends will also appear. And even if you have a wound in your heart, with slow tender care, the wound will decrease in size".

With that said, Michiru suddenly leaned forward resting on the shoulder of a shocked Takeru and asked "Can i like you?" While Takeru maintained his silence but gingerly put his hand on Michiru's shoulder, the whole scene was witnessed by Ruka who returned to retrieved her mobile. Ruka quietly left the scene but accidentally knocked over a flower pot which broke the daze for Takeru. He looked at the sofa (with missing mobile) with dread as he realised that Ruka had witnessed the earlier event.

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