Friday, May 23, 2008

Planning a trip to Canberra

Decided to head out to Canberra for the weekend, solely for purpose of viewing the "Turner to Monet- Truimph of landscape" art exhibition at the National Gallery of Art.

Before that, I spend the whole friday night looking for a decent hotel in Trip advisor. You wont believe how little good hotels there seem to be in Canberra. I looked through several from Crowne to Hyatt and each hotel has such bad reviews from bad service to paper thin walls that it's almost scary to think that Canberra can be so lacking in good accomodation for a state capital.

Even though it is only for a night, a decent sleep is still essential. Finally I settled on Hotel Realm. Despite a few bad remarks about it being expensive and spartan, I went ahead with the booking because mainly it is new. How bad can a new hotel be? Plus it was only $185 a night and there was a review stating that the bed was comfortable. So I would rather fork money for a new hotel (and a "newer" bed slept on with less human traffic volume) than a ridiculous price for old run down Hyatt in Canberra.

I cross my fingers that it would be a wise option. We will find out on Saturday.

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