Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching up at BARSTOP

Before I headed back to Sg, it was a spur of the moment that I thought I would gather some close college council and fac caps for a drinks gathering. More people turned up than expected but the greatest reward was seeing some people that I havent seen since we left college.

We decided on Bar Stop, (located at 6 Devonshire Road) as one of our friend Mich was performing there on a Friday eve.

Conversations flowed free and easy. Everything started with the name of the place. We laughed over how other people keep mishearing it as Bus Stop and we got the questions like "Why meet at bus stop in town? What's with the bus stop?" This joke always had be guffawing like a silly bird coz I had asked my gf once the exact same question. I had asked her "Bus stop? So many in orchard, which one?" Luckily she forgot about my embarrassing moment and I get to live it down..

It was interesting to catch up on how everyone has been doing, still doing or plan to do. Has it been 17 years now?! Crap! Suddenly I feel really old...

I was most impressed with Mich. She has the most powerful vocal voice I have heard and I was in awe. When she was in between breaks to catch up with us, I told her I never knew she could sing like that!! Granted I knew she had always been in band, but I had never had the honor to hear her hear like a song lark till this trip! Talk about life surprises! She laughed and said she has always love to sing but was a little shy back then to perform before a crowd in school. Right now, apart from performing at Barstop, she even has her own vocal coaching studio "Stay Nuts" in, working side by side with her hubby. She loved every moment and everything she is doing. She is working her dream. She deserved all these happiness!

The funniest moment was when the rest of her band joined in our table, it was even more surprising that I knew her sax' player! He had looked familiar to me but I couldnt put a finger as to where I had seen him. It wasnt when the boys started chatting and halfway through, I mentioned about something and dang! He caught it and asked "I knew you since Sec 1 then!" Shit! 20years of misplaced history. Ha! Astonishment filled the air and we started swopping details and stories from our youthful days and indeed, we had even been in the same join-school excursion together to Msia for some art programme. Some stories were hilarious, some left some of the guys gaping in shock about some of their horny seniors... when all the old stories started spilling out -about the boys and the girls. Finally stories from both side of the "missionary" fences come to merge as one. Funny.

By the time the place closes, Mich insisted on giving us a ride to catch up more. It had been a crazy day for her with loads of MJ dedication since the news of his death broke thru the media, so she had little time to spare earlier... She lived pretty near my bro's place, so we had a nice long drive back catching up. Through the stories, you just realise you really cannot tell what is in store for you in life. God has a funny way of throwing a curve ball at you and you just have to catch it and deal with the changes.

We promised to catch up more but alas, my schedule was packed to the brim and I didnt have a chance to see her and her little boy this trip. No matter, I'm sure there will be a chance and way to go Mich!

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