Thursday, July 16, 2009

catching up

oh. got to catch up with D and his Russian wife diane too on the same day. the food at Bakerzin is better than I expected. The grilled wings are pretty good.

Its amazing how good diane's English is now. I remembered the first time when we met 2 years ago, she could barely speak much and haltingly. yet now, she could go on and on like a machine gun, non stop without catching her breathe. talk about impressive wow... She is so good at her talking that she can even get on the case of those china students in her class, complaining about their dishonesty and cheating using other people to do their assignments... so funny.

I was telling D i didnt know if its funnier watching his wife bitching so rapidly, or the fact that even she was bitching those dishonest china nationals in singapore. It brings home a point doesnt it...

D was sharing that when he first met his wife, he had thought she was those quiet introvert sort who doesnt talk much. now that she has mastered the medium, he couldnt believe how she can talk non stop. it was hilarious seeing his expression.

its a good catch up and knowing everyone is well. the next time i see him, we prob have more to talk about with him being in a new daddy role.

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